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5 English Phrases to Try this Week

English Phrases

Learning English

(available in French, German and Spanish)

At Focus Study Tours, we’ve created an online English learning portal to help you improve your language skills. Use these English phrases and idioms to make your friends laugh and impress those around you by speaking like a true British local. Check out these ‘need to know’ phrases for everyday conversation…


Intermediate English Phrases

Phrase: “It comes with the territory”

English Meaning: sometimes you have to accept the situation because of who you are or what you do. Example – Celebrities have their private lives made public by the paparazzi, but they have to accept it because it comes with the territory.


English Phrase 'It comes with the territory'


Phrase: “Jack of all trades”

English Meaning: a person who has many different skills or jobs that they work. Example – Ben at Focus Study Tours is a ski instructor during the winter, but he also helps run English language camps in Cornwall during the summer, he drives minibuses, speaks French, does rock climbing and surfing. He has many skills, he’s a Jack of all trades.


English Phrase 'Jack of all trades'


Phrase: “The coast is clear”

English Meaning: it means that nobody is watching or it is safe to go. Example – the little girl was stealing a cookie from the kitchen, once her parents had gone to bed she knew nobody was watching and the coast was clear for her to safely make her way back to her bedroom without getting caught.



Phrase: “A different kettle of fish”

English Meaning: when one thing is very different to another thing. Example – I like swimming in the English sea when I’m on summer camp, but surfing is a different kettle of fish, it takes a lot more skill and balance.


Phrase: “At the drop of a hat”

English Meaning: to act on impulse or do something instantly. Example – Sally had reached the top of the climbing wall; at the drop of a hat she had abseiled her way back to the bottom.



So… Do you reckon you can use all 5 phrases in one week? Or maybe, at the drop of a hat, you’ll book a summer language course with Focus Study Tours so that you can pick up more great phrases while studying in England.


Tricks for remembering new phrases


Reading new English phrases is great, but to really learn them try writing them out yourself. That way you allow yourself more time to think them through. Once you’ve done that, say them aloud, and better yet, make sure you set a goal to use one in a sentence each day.


If you’d like to learn more English phrases and idioms online, keep checking back to our blog here. Alternatively, join us in England on one of our many language courses where you can mix with the locals and use the phrases in real life situations.


Every language has phrases or idioms that are unique to that language. These phrases often have historical roots or stories behind them and as a result, their literal translation sounds very odd and often amusing. Your language will have them too, but because you have used them your whole life, they seem natural. It’s only when you stop to think about these phrases that you realise how strange the words are together.


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