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Level Descriptions: English language with Sports Activities

English language with Sports Activities


Level 1 I have either never tried surfing before or have only tried once or twice.
Level 2 I am able to consistently ride a broken wave to the shore. I can catch broken waves (white water) unaided.
Level 3 I am able to consistently ride broken and unbroken waves to the shore with control
Level 4 I am able to catch unbroken green waves and ride along the face both forehand and backhand with control.
Level 5 I am able to negotiate the lineup, catch and ride a variety of different waves in varying conditions on a hard surf board and can perform basic turns/changes of direction on the wave face.
Level 6 I am confident in a variety of basic manoeuvres including top turns, bottom turns, cutbacks etc on the open wave face with skill and control.
Level 7 I am able to ride comfortably in head high + surf, linking manoeuvres with speed, power and flow. I may also be able to do tricks and have perhaps entered competitions.


Rock Climbing

Level 1 I have never climbed before.
Level 2 I have climbed inside and bouldering.
Level 3 I have climbed inside with a rope, top roping.
Level 4 I have done easy climbs outside and inside, top roping and I am able to belay for my friends.
Level 5 I can lead climb on an easy route and have climbed up to 5a routes.
Level 6 I have climbed above 5a routes.




Level 1 I have never played before.
Level 2 I have played a few times. I can hit the ball over the net but not consistently.
Level 3 I have played quite a bit and can enjoy easy rallies with a coach or high-level player. I don’t play competitive matches but have learnt to serve and move around the court.
Level 4 I play matches with friends and other people at my local club. They are fun but I make a lot of mistakes, especially when under pressure.
Level 5 I play regular club matches and have lessons in groups at my club. We work on tactics as well as technique.
Level 6 I am a county level player. I go to nearby tournaments and play regularly with a coach.
Level 7 I travel to many tournaments around my country and have a national ranking.


Horse Riding:

Level 1 I have never ridden before or I have very little experience
Level 2 I am able to ride independently, rise to trot and am learning to canter
Level 3 I am able to trot and canter but am still not confident in canter.
Level 4 I am confident in all paces in the arena and on tracks
Level 5 I am an experienced and proficient horse rider and have been riding for several years.
Level 6 I am highly experienced and may have competition experience.
Level 7 I am currently competing regularly.



Level 1 I have never played before.
Level 2 I am able to kick the ball in a general direction. I understand about passing and shooting and the positions on the pitch.
Level 3 I have played at school. I play with my friends regularly and want to learn about proper technique.
Level 4 I play in a club where we work on technique and tactics. I am able to dribble, pass and shoot but struggle to look up when on the ball as I need to see the ball at all times.
Level 5 I play most days. I am in a team that trains once or twice a week with a match each week. I am comfortable on the ball and am able to make good decisions under pressure.
Level 6 I play for a club team and my school. I play for my county and am looking to progress my game to attract scouts from Academy teams.
Level 7 I play in an Academy team.


 Skiing (the minimum level for summer skiing is level 5 )

Level 5 I can ski red runs in good and normal conditions but find it difficult when it is icy, bumpy or steep. I always ski parallel.
Level 6 I can ski red runs comfortably and black runs which are not too icy or bumpy.
Level 7 I can ski most places and enjoy black runs and some off piste.

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