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If you have a question about your stay it may be answered here. If not, just drop us an email to email: or call: + 44 (0) 203 29 29 226

What language skill levels do you cater for?

We cater for ALL levels from beginners (A1) all the way to advanced (C2). Your own skills are assessed with a level test and an oral test when you first arrive.

What activity skill levels do you cater for?

Again, we teach everyone from beginner to advanced or competition level.

What happens if the conditions arent suitable for the activity I picked?

If conditions mean your activity can’t be done, which doesn’t happen very often, other related activities are organised so that you continue to develop in your chosen sport. Arts and performing arts are unaffected by weather conditions.

Are the teenage students supervised at all times?

Yes, they receive constant supervision throughout the day and supervision from house managers at night. When out on excursions students can be given free time, but can meet us at any time at a designated meeting point and have an emergency telephone number.

What if I suffer from allergies, a medical condition or have special dietary requirements?

Most allergies, medical conditions and dietary requirements can be accommodated without any problem. When bringing medication please bring your prescription and ensure you fill out our registration form accurately before arrival.

What should I bring with me?

The weather is warm in the summer, but we recommend you bring warm clothes and a coat or warm jacket just in case. You should also bring a waterproof jacket. For activity specific items please see activities.

How can I be contacted in an emergency?

We give you an emergency 24-hour phone number that you should pass on to your friends, parents or guardians before your stay. We also recommend that you have a mobile phone to use during your stay. You can either bring your own with you (first making sure that you can use it abroad) or buy a ‘pay as you go’ SIM or phone when you get here.

How can I keep in touch with my friends and family during my stay?

All our rooms have Internet access, so you can use Skype, Facetime or other VoIP services to chat to friends and family.

Do I need to bring towels and bed linen?

You will need to bring your own towels, but bed linen is provided.

Do I need travel insurance?


We strongly recommend fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for your chosen activity and for the duration of your stay. This should cover medical expenses and your property. If you’re from the EU,  it’s also strongly recommended that you get a European Health Card.

Ive never done this before – how will I make friends?

Our students come from all over the world and it’s a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet new people. Everyone on the course is in the same situation and we create a warm, friendly environment where you can relax and get to know your fellow students.

Wherever possible we invite local people to our evening activities, which is great for putting your new language skills into practice.

How do I wash my clothes?

There are launderettes close to the accommodation and home stay students can use the washing machine in the house they stay in.

Are there local medical facilities?

Yes, all our locations have good medical facilities nearby.

How do you arrange room sharing for teenagers?

All the rooms are same-sex only and we aim for students to share with similar age roommates. Whilst we can’t guarantee that individual requests will be met, we always do our best to accommodate them.

In the case of younger students, how do you address bullying?

Focus Study Tours has a very strict anti-bullying policy and we investigate all allegations of bullying thoroughly.

During the induction students are told what to do if they are bullied or if they witness bullying. Details are also provided in the info pack.

Am I allowed to smoke and/or drink alcohol?

As dictated by the law, teenage students are not allowed to smoke or drink as it is illegal for under-18s. All residences, classrooms and other premises are strictly non-smoking. Adults may smoke outside if they are not near entrances and exits.

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