Egyptian Tourist Places That Tell Tales of Yore


Whether you are a history buff, an adventurer, a family vacationer or a newlywed couple, there are many safe places to visit in Egypt to make your vacation unforgettable. Egypt is a wonderful mix of culture, adventure and relaxation that satisfies the travel desires of people of all ages.

Apart from the pyramids, there are many impressive famous places in Egypt that you need to add to your trip. You will see many museums, fascinating valleys and awesome temples. Interestingly, the awesome architecture of ancient Egypt still makes one think about the emergence of these tourist attractions.

1. Valley of the Kings

Located on the west bank of the Nile, the Valley of the Kings is also known as the Valley of the Royal Tombs and one of the best places in Egypt for history lovers. From the eleventh to the sixteenth century, this valley was the burial place of the kings and important nobles of the new kingdom.

It is located opposite Thebes in the necropolis of Thebes. The location is a combination of West Valley and East Valley. Most of the royal tombs are located in the second. The graffiti on the walls are mainly in Greek and Latin.

2. Alexandrina Library
Located on the Old port of Alexandria, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has an 11-storey library with about 4 million books, which can be expanded to 8 million. There are manuscripts, rare books, statues, lithographs, photographs, etc.

The mammoth complex also has various museums, conservation facilities, an information science school and a planetarium. Renovated in October 2002, it has a circular shape in a tilting shape. The building has a height of 32 m and a diameter of 160 m. It is connected to the University of Alexandria by a pedestrian bridge.

3. The old city of Al-Qasr
Located on the edge of a green oasis at the foot of the limestone cliffs, Al-Qasr is a medieval Islamic city founded in the 12th century. This peaceful town was founded on the ruins of a Roman settlement and has narrow, covered streets.

The city is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the Dakhla oasis and has old houses from the Ottoman and Mamluk era. Part of this city has been preserved intact to present the real representation of an oasis of that time.

4. Enclosure of Amun-Temple
The Temple Of Amun is the largest temple complex in Egypt and the second largest ancient complex in Cambodia after Angkor Wat. The precincts of the Temple of Amun in Karnak were the center of the cult of Amun. This site in Karnak, present-day Luxor, is divided into four different temple complexes, one of which has been torn to pieces. Today’s complex sections have temples of Amun, Mut and Montu.

5. Medinet Habu
Medinet Habu is a huge temple complex that occupies the second place after that of Karnak. Medinet Habu is the Arabic name for the funerary temple of Ramesses III. a temple from the time of the New Kingdom, located on the west bank of Luxor, known for its size and architectural importance.

Another highlight is that the walls of the temple are decorated with carved Reliefs depicting the arrival and defeat of the marine people during the reign of Ramses III. This ancient site was known to be associated with Amun, who was known as the creator and god of fertility.

6. White Desert National Park
Located a few hours from the bustling city of Cairo, the White Desert National Park is one of the best places in Egypt in winter and has a remarkable surface like the Moon. The unique rock formations created by centuries of sandstorms and erosion make the surface very exquisite. Some of them resemble food and received such names as “ice cream cone” and “mushroom”, the rest were called “Inselberg”, “tents”, “crickets” and “monolith”.

7. MT. Sinai
Mount Sinai, also known as Gabal Musa, Mount Moses or Mount Horeb, is a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula. One of the four important sacred mountains in the Judeo-Christian region of the Middle East is the place where the Prophet Moses received the ten commandments from God. At the top, a few chapels have been built, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sunrise. At the foot of the mountain is the Catherine Monastery.

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