Guide for Your Malaysia with Kids


Malaysia is a great place for Children. The country is full of so many colorful attractions and charming attractions that it fills children with great excitement and enthusiasm. From aquariums to theme parks, learning centers, animal farms and zoos, there is a lot to do and enjoy in Malaysia.

1. KLCC Aquariums
Home to nearly 5,000 exhibits, Aquaria KLCC is a world-class Aquarium and one of the most exciting picnic destinations for children. The Aquarium is divided into 8 sections and there are different attractions for visitors of all ages. The Aquarium has many exotic species that cause awe and wonder.

2. Petrosain Discovery Center

The Petrosains Discovery Center is one of the most interesting and exciting destinations for children and a wonderful and fun place for children. Covering a vast area of 7,000 square meters, the center is located on the fourth floor of the PETRONAS Twin Towers and presents science and Technology in an interactive and fun way.

3. Sunway Lagoon
This exciting water park is more than just an enjoyment area. There are many attractions that are awesome enough to give you a unique and exciting experience. Divided into five different areas – amusement park, water park, animal park, scream park and extreme Park – the Sunway Lagoon is highly sought after by children.

4. Kidzania

Kidzania is based on a unique concept, as exciting as it is educational. The entire area looks like a city with reduced replicas of buildings, cars, offices, etc. children have to perform different types of “jobs” and work in a 90-minute shift. For example, children assume the professions of lawyer, doctor, journalist, spy, policeman, etc. and they have to perform certain tasks as their profession requires.

5. Nationalzoo and Kuala Lumpur Aquarium
The Kuala Lumpur National Zoo and Aquarium covers an area of 110 hectares and is home to almost 5137 different animals from 476 species Of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish and amphibians from different regions of Asia and Africa. Located 13 kilometers northeast of Kuala Lumpur, the complex is divided into 16 different exhibitions. The park is also known as Negara Zoo. It is especially popular with children who come to admire the various exotic species Of animals up close. The Zoo is open to visitors every day from 9:00 to 5:00 in the evening.

6. Skytrex Adventure
Skytrex is again an adventure and educational institution for children, where they have to perform various activities as tasks. Such activities as crossing the forest with Flying Fox ziplines, swinging on tree trunks, high in the air and reaching high platforms, nestled in the trees. All activities are safe and fun, offering much needed adventures as an escape from everyday life.

7. Berjaya Times Square Amusement Park
Located on the site of the Berjaya Times Square shopping center, the Berjaya Times Square theme park is an incredible distraction for children (and matures too). The complex is designed in the form of a typical amusement park and consists of two zones – a children’s zone and an mature zone.

In addition, Berjaya Times Square is an air-conditioned indoor theme park, so you won’t have to sweat in hot weather and you won’t have to worry about the rides closing due to rain. You and your family can enjoy the food in different Restaurants here. Young children have a special section with discounted fares, so you don’t have to pay for trips that young children can’t use.

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