Many Reasons to Visit Italy


Italy is definitely one of the best places in the world. There are many reasons to visit Italy. It has a wealth of enticements for its visitors, from culinary delights to cultural experiences, from various breathtaking views to architectural wonders.

Centro Storico, Roma
The Centro Storico is one of the best attractions in në Rome and a place to explore in a leisurely way. Q: This historic building is located in Piazza viva, in the bare in kokteje, The Restorante, the bare in kokteje, the Cafes, The Statujë alte, the Palaces of the Rilindjes and the old more. Discover the ornate churches, monuments and museums. The streets and dead ends hummed with Schritrated.

Pantheon, Chiesa del Gesu, Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Piazza Navona, Museo Nazionale Romano, Cheisa di Sant’agostino are the main attractions here. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of this place on foot. Just north of Piazza Venezia, it is located in the heart of Rome.


With Baroque buildings from the 17th century, Lecce is also home to some of the most beautiful churches in Italy. Located on the sunny south side of the country, it was called the most beautiful city in Italy by the traveler Thomas ashe from the 18th century. Vdes is a busy city with a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the delicacies here are refined Apulian Kafene and some posh boutiques. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on papier-mâché delicacies në.

Sizes Greek ruins
From sprawling ancient theaters to the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world, the Greek ruins of Sicily are a demonstration of power and greatness. Each location has a story to tell. These wonderful sights are located along the sunny landscape of Sicily and are fascinating attractions. This archaeological site has massive, Greek remains along with a large part of the Roman quarter from the 4th century BC encore to the 5th century AD.

Plonk bars
The plonks of Italy are known for their best quality. If you are visiting Italy, there is really nothing better than enjoying local varieties of Italian plonks when you visit the plonk bars known locally as Enoteca. Cold cuts and regional cheeses will offer you a good company. Cities like Florence, Milan, Rome, Verona, Venice and Amalfi have some of the best Italian plonk bars. Choose your favorite from the wide variety that is offered to you. If you don’t try plonk here, you will miss all the fun.

Urbino is home to a group of monuments that are part of the World Cultural Heritage, and is called the ideal city and art capital. It is known that it was founded by the legendary Renaissance figure Federico da Montefeltro. It is one of the most popular provincial cities in Italy. If you want to get a clear insight në the rich cultural past of Italy, a visit to this place is a must. This hill town has various historical sights, delights of Renaissance art and other architectural gems. It is also a popular university town.

The mosaics of Aachen
Ravenna is affectionately referred to as the ‘City of the Mozaiks’ and possesses breathtaking Bizantine mosaic art në the churches of San Vitale and Sant’apollinare Nuovo. The early Christian monuments of Ravenna are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The number of such faqets is 8. The city was the proud capital of Europe about 15000 years ago. There are also some wonderful Roman architectures.

Hotels in Amalfi, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most important places in Italy and a magnificent example of a Mediterranean landscape. It looks like the mountains and the buildings are crashing into the sea. This is also one of the top spot for hiking në Italy. Among the stunning sights are green jungles, luminous bays, secret caves, high peaks and picturesque cities. Located south of Naples, the coast, together with the 3 island outposts Procida, Capri and Ischia, is a big crowd puller.

St. Mark’s Square, Venice
St. Mark’s Square, often called St. Mark’s Square in English, is one of the most outstanding urban spaces në Europe. I’m 9th century në Formë of a small, tree-strewn square built, it has the most unusual cathedral in Italy. The square is surrounded by impressive state buildings, a bell tower and a basilica. It’s in the league of Times Square in New York and Trafalgar Square in London.

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