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Cambodia in Southeast Asia is one of the most exotic tourist countries in the world. Secret and fascinating, the country is a favorite among history buffs, architecture buffs and travelers looking for a relaxing vacation on a Budget. The mesmerizing charm and exciting activities of Cambodia attract all types of travelers, from backpackers to luxury tourists. From the iconic Angkor Wat, iconic feats of Khmer architecture, pristine beaches, pristine jungles to incredible experiences, there is a lot to discover.

Walk in the Royal palace and the silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is home to the Royal Palace complex, one of Cambodia’s tourist gems. Shining with gold, it is one of the most magnificent architectures in the world. The royal residence of the King of Cambodia since the 1860s has an awesome splendor, such as the throne room, the Khemarin Palace, the moonlight pavilion and the silver pagoda.

Spending time exploring Kampot
Explore the old French colonial architecture that is still in an enchanting state. Try jungle trekking, biking, river cruises, island hopping, fishing trips, bamboo train rides and much more. What you can’t miss in Kampot is the taste of fruits (such as Durian, coconut, mango, etc.).), harvested sea salt and unique pepper sought after by restaurateurs around the world.

Enjoy the Happiness of Banteay Srei
Banteay Srei is one of the most beautiful Beauties of Cambodia. The secluded Angkor Temple in Siem Reap is a pleasure to see. Built in pink sandstone, the structure and sculptures of the 10th Temple are elaborate. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Unlike the great masterpieces of Angkor architecture, this temple is tiny but just as attractive. We recommend that you do not miss the happiness of Banteay Srei. Not only for the architecture, The location in the middle of the centuries-old Cambodian forest is awesome.

Immerse yourself in the bliss of the legendary Angkor Wat, Siem Reap
A visit to the legendary Angkor Wat is a must in Cambodia. The name translates as “Heaven on earth”; and believe me, this proves its title. The Khmer Temple complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is considered the mother of all temples and is the epicenter of Khmer civilization.

Relax on the beach of Otres

Cambodia is blessed with some of the most relaxing and relaxing beaches in Southeast Asia. Therefore, we come to one of the next things that should not be missed in Cambodia, relax on its pristine shores. Otres Beach is a popular name to explore. Escape from History, Culture, Cities and everything. Sunbathe comfortably on hammocks and sun loungers in the sun. Guests can enjoy a massage or dine in the beach cabins. Guests can also go snorkelling, fishing and boating. This is the paradise for travelers looking for a more relaxed holiday in Cambodia.

Admire the ethereal Thom Of Angkor
Etheric is the only word that can describe the splendor of Angkor Thom. The only structure in Angkor that has been preserved in its original form, Ta Prohm is a fascinating beauty. Nature preserves the sanctuary as her own. Huge roots of old trees turned into guardians of the temple and saved it from people. The surroundings of the temple are perhaps The most picturesque place in Cambodia and are framed by huge strands of silk cotton and strangled figs. Relive your Tomb Raider; Moment in the temple, it is one of the best things to do in Cambodia.

Marvel at the incredible Khmer art
Khmer art is one of the charms of Cambodia. The wealth of art was plundered in its dark days, but all that remains is in the form of sculptures. The thematic spectrum included Hindu mythology and Buddhism. The most famous murals are found in the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh, in Wat Rajabo in Siem Reap province and in Wat Kompong Tralach Leu in Kompong Chhnang province. For a quick and complete overview of the incredible specimens of Khmer art, the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and the National Museum in Siem Reap are places not to be missed.

Attend a fascinating Apsara classical dance show

Apsara classical dance is one of the highlights of Cambodia. We can’t think of not found a show. An extravaganza for lovers of art, theater and dance, attending the traditional Khmer performance is one of the best things to do in Cambodia. Khmer dance imitates the mythological courses of kings and gods and is spectacular, being part of the ancient culture of the country. The actors of the dance wear elegant silk clothes with floral patterns, magnificent hairstyles and jewelry that look truly heavenly.

Things to do near Tonle Sap Lake
Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. It has great importance for Cambodia. The reason why you can’t miss a visit to the lake is due to its spectacular landscapes and cultural potpourri. Many ethnic Vietnamese and many Cham communities live in floating villages around the lake. Come visit us with a mooring tour. Escape the cities for a real taste of rustic Cambodia. Witness the floating villages, their farming styles and get a glimpse of the local Khmer snacks.

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